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Justice Da Great 
Justice,Juve (Born in December 1973) is a Jamaican Hip-Hop / Reggae artiste who is widely known by his professional name "Justice Da Great". Justice Da Great is a name of power that holds a special meaning; it is a name that is not easy to forget.

Justice had an interesting childhood in Jamaica as he grew up in the three Parishes of Manchester, St. Ann and St. Catherine. He lived life of a typical Jamaican boy lyming with his friends and enjoying the festivities of the Island. After attending Primary School he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This move added perspective to his life as he was now exposed to a new culture that was different from what he was accustomed to. While in Florida, he attended the Boyd Anderson High School which is an urban High School in Broward County. He would sing for his family and friends for amusement purposes which is where he gained his confidence to perform in front of an audience. During his time living in Broward County, there were two (2) significant incidents that made becoming an artiste realistic; one which involved him being shot and the other involved a close friend he lost in an unsolved murder case. This friend of course was a lover of conscious music and was one of the main reasons for him to take his music more seriously. It was only a matter of time until this multi- talented Singer decided to showcase his "Great" skills and talents to the world and thus, "Justice Da Great" was born. As the prophecy is being fulfilled (psalm 89: 14) Justice was born to be one of the greatest superstars the world has ever seen. The Reggae/Hip Hop Singer describes his lyrics as conscious and still relevant to today's society. For music enthusiasts, worldwide and the sobriquet, Justice Da Great has become life. It is a name that represents classic roots, words-sound and power. Justice has stormed the music scene with his captivating lyrics and the essence of traditional Reggae.

" I am a motivator , a light of Joy , a musical revolutionary , without a doubt , Music can set you free if you let it"

In 1990, he professionally made his debut on the Music Industry as D.j Fatta, working with Howie Hype from After Shock Sound System.

In 1992 Justice moved to Jacksonville Florida, which is a popular place for emerging musicians and D.js. He then worked with D.j Paul, Bigga Ranking on the Cool Runnings sound under the new name D.J Juvenile.

In 1994 he embarked on building the Justice Sound also known as "Justice Movements". This sound is described as a "Killa" in the sound clash area. This sound is still active and is the foundation of his growing career. The name "Justice Da Great" was formed out of the name of this sound.

In 1998 Justice launched "Reggae Central Records" which is his signature Record Label that has produced albums for Jamaican Artistes like Sizzla , Louie Culture, Luciano , Norris Man and many more.

In 2013, Justice Da Great plans to release his latest album, Emancipation Music "19 Tracks of Freedom Blues "featuring Sizzla , Capleton ,Marcia Griffiths and Sanchez which is stated to be released earlier in the New Year . The album will be released by Reggae Central Records.

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Romain Virgo - Best Of Romain Virgo. 
Lovers Rock-Justice Sound 2015, 
(1) Breaking Up / 
(2) Ain't That Loving You /
(3) My Willow Tree", 
"Romain Virgo & Larry Gatlin-California",
"Romain Virgo-Cold Side",
"Romain Virgo-Don't You Remember", 
"Romain Virgo-Taking You Home",
"Romain Virgo-Walking Out On You", 
"Romain Virgo-Why Should I Worry", 
"Romain Virgo [Feat. Etana]-Who Feels It Knows It", 
"Romain Virgo-Need You",
"Romain Virgo-Be Careful",
"Romain Virgo-Mi Caan Sleep", 
"Romain Virgo-Can't You See",
"Romain Virgo-Customer Care", 
"Romain Virgo-Fantasize", 
"Romain Virgo-Love Doctor",
"Romain Virgo-Should I Call Her", 
"Romain Virgo-Wanna Go Home [Rain Is Falling]", 
"Romain Virgo-Fired Up Inside", 
"Romain Virgo-Live Mi Life",
"Romain Virgo-Beautiful", 
"Romain Virgo-Beat You Down", 
"Romain Virgo-Stay With Me"
"Justice Da Great-Chant One God", 
"Justice Da Great-Trod Along Trod Along (feat. Sanchez)", 
"Justice Da Great-Dance to a Love Song"
"Justice Da Great-Oh Jah for You I Sing",
"Justice Da Great-Wicked Dem a Come", 
"Justice Da Great-Life Enjoy It While You Can", 
"Justice Da Great-Jah Will Be There", 
"Romain Virgo-No Money",
"Justice Da Great-Murder One Bright Day",
"Justice Da Great-I Will Pray for You",
"Justice Da Great-Why Dem so Bad Mind",

Sizzla-Take Myself Away", 
"Junior Tucker-Love Of A Lifetime", 
"Barrington Levy-Be Strong", 
"Frankie Paul-I Feel Your Love",
"Frankie Paul-Sara",
"Thriller U-Greatest Love Of All", 
"Sanchez-Let Me Love You Down", 
"Ghost-Here I Am", 
"Beres Hammond-Step Aside",
"Cocoa Tea (feat Home T & Shabba Ranks)-Who She Love", 
"Thriller U-Ain't No Way To Say I'm Sorry", 
"Singing Sweet-When I See You Smile", 
"Wayne Wonder-Die Without You", 
"Ninjaman feat. Tinga Stewart-Cover Me", 
"Maxi Priest-Just A Little Bit Longer", 
"Sean Paul-I'm Still In Love With You", 
"beres-What One Dance Can Do", 
"Wayne Wonder & Buju Banton-Bonafide Love", 
"Maxi Priest-Wild World", 
"Frankie Paul-I Want To Rock With You", 
"Barrington Levy-Too Experienced", 
"Sanchez-Stuck On You", 
"Barrington Levy-My Time",
"Jack Radics/Reggie Stepper-Love Is Guaranteed", 
"Sanchez-Rearrange My Life",
"Beres Hammond-Double Trouble", 
"Sanchez-Are You Still In Love With Me", 
"Lukie D-Can I Stay With You", 
"Sanchez-Brown Eyes", 
"Thriller U-Back On My Feet Again", 
"Frankie Paul-Cassanova",
"Redman Super Power-Slow Dance", 
"Sanchez-One In A Million", 
"Sanchez-Tell You How I Feel", 
"Barrington Levy-She's Mine", 
"Garnet Silk-Everything I've Got", 
"Cocoa Tea-Sonia Come Back", 
"Beres Hammond-Tempted to Touch", 
"Beres Hammond-No More Pain",
"Sanchez-Another Sad Love Song", 
"Garnet Silk-Hello Africa", 
"Pinchers-Geany In My Life", 
"Beres Hammond-Come Back Home", 
"Beres Hammond-Sweetness", 
"Chuck Turner-I Need You", 
"Richie Stephens-Trying To Get You",
"Singing Melody-Shower Me With Your Love",
"Beres Hammond-She Loves Me Now", 
"Sanchez-I'm Missing You", 
"Wayne Wade-I Love You Too Much", 
"Beres Hammond-Doctor's Orders", 
"Sanchez-Brown Eye Girl", 
"Half Pint-Crazy Girl",
"Chevelle Franklyn-No One in the World", 
"Sanchez-Old Friends", 
"LT Stichie-Size", 
"June C. Hodge-Someone Loves You Honey", 
"Sanchez-Cherish Your Love",
"Sanchez-Tears On My Pillow",
"Beres Hammond-My Wish",
"Wayne Wonder-All This Time", 
"Wayne Wonder, Pliers-Someone Knocking on My Door", 
"Nana Mclean-Nana's Medley", 
"Trevor Sparks-Wings of Love",
"Leroy Gibbons-Be Careful", 
"Sanchez-Sad Songs",
"Sanchez-I Can't Wait", 
"Spragga Benz (feat. Wayne Wonder)-You Go Girl", 
"DJ D. Love-Saddest Day of My Life", 
"Yami Bolo-When A Man's In Love", 

Beres Hammond - Best Of Beres Hammond 
Reggae Lovers Rock - Justice Sound.,

"Beres Hammond-No Disturb Sign",
"Beres Hammond-Step Aside", 
"Buju Banton (feat. Beres Hammond)-My Woman Now", 
"Beres Hammond-No More Pain",
"Beres Hammond-Double Trouble", 
"Beres Hammond-Black Beauty", 
"Beres Hammond-Rock Away", 
"Buju Banton, Beres Hammond-Who Say", 
"Beres Hammond-One Dance", 
"Beres Hammond-Come Back Home", 
"Beres Hammond-Mary Mary", 
"Beres Hammond, Cutty Ranks-You Could A Deal", 
"Beres Hammond-I Could Beat Myself", 
"Beres Hammond-Doctor's Orders",
"Beres Hammond-Sweetness", 
"Justice Da Great-I Will Pray for You", 
"Shaggy featuring Beres Hammond-Fight This Feeling", 
"Beres Hammond-No Goodbye", 
"Beres Hammond, Tony Rebel, Sugar Minott-Where Is The Love", 
"Beres Hammond-Show It Off", 
"Beres Hammond-She Loves Me Now", 
"Beres Hammond (feat. Buju Banton)-Pull It Up", 
"Beres Hammond-Putting Up Resistance", 
"Beres Hammond-Much Have Been Said", 
"Beres Hammond-Can't Stop A Man", 
"Beres Hammond-I Feel Good", 
"Beres Hammond-Sweet Lies", 
"Beres Hammond-Groovy Little Thing", 
"Buju Banton-A Little More Time",
"Beres Hammond (feat. Cutty Ranks)-Love Mi Haffi Get", 
"Marcia Griffiths-Live On", 
"Beres Hammond-Giving Thanks", 
"Beres Hammond-Lonely Feeling", 
"Beres Hammond-Tempted To Touch", 
"Beres Hammond-Pride & Joy", 
"Beres Hammond-Left Me Crying",
"Beres Hammond, Buju Banton-Ain't It Good To Know",
"Beres Hammond-Interlude",
"Beres Hammond-Preacher Man",
"Beres Hammond-My Wish", 
"Beres Hammond-Over You",
"Beres Hammond-Freedom", 
"Beres Hammond-Don't Play With My Heart", 
"Beres Hammond featuring Queen Ifrica-What A Night", 
"Justice Da Great-Why Dem so Bad Mind", 
"Justice Da Great-Chant One God", 
"Justice Da Great-Trod Along Trod Along (feat. Sanchez)", 
"Justice Da Great-Dance to a Love Song", 
"Justice Da Great-Oh Jah for You I Sing", 
"Justice Da Great-Wicked Dem a Come", 
"Justice Da Great-Life Enjoy It While You Can",
"Justice Da Great-Jah Will Be There", 
"Justice Da Great-Murder One Bright Day", 
AFC: Best of Beres Hammond

Peter Tosh, Best Of Peter Tosh, Peter Tosh Biggest Hits & Interviews, Justice Sound."
"Peter Tosh-Mystery Babylon", 
""Interviews 1"",
"Peter Tosh-Johnny B. Goode (Remastered)",
"Peter Tosh - Coming in Hot Hot"
""Interviews 2""
"Peter Tosh-Creation",
Peter Tosh-Fools Die", 
"Peter Tosh-Legalize It"
"Interview 3"
"Peter Tosh-I Am That I Am", 
"Peter Tosh-Downpressor Man", 
"Peter Tosh-Jah Guide",
"Peter tosh-Equal Rights"
"Interview 4"
"Peter Tosh-Vampire"
"Peter Tosh-Burial"
"Interview 5"
"Peter Tosh-No Nuclear War" 

"Frighty, Colonel Mite-Life", 
"Lady G, Papa San-Legal Rights", 
"Yellowman-Operation Eradication", 
"Justice Da Great-I Will Pray for You", 
"Fab 5-What The Police High Command Can Do", 
"Fab 5-Jamaican Woman", 
"Yellowman-Who Can Make The Dance Ram", 
"Peter Metro-Police Inna England", 
"Major Worries-Babylon Boops", 
"Louie Culture-Bogus Badge",
"Musical Youth-Pass The Dutchie", 
"Ranking Devon-All Nations Have To Bow", 
"Anthony Malvo & Tiger-Come Back To Me", 
"Ninjaman (feat. Tinga Stewart)-Take Time To Know Her", 
"Yellowman-Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt", 
"Ninja Man & Courtney Melody-Protection", 
"General Saint & Clint Eastwood-Tribute To General Echo", 
"Professor Nuts-Woman Deh Yah", 
"Ninjaman feat. Tinga Stewart-Cover Me", 
"Josey Wales-It A Fi Burn", 
"Clifford Hayes And The Dixieland Jug Blowers-Girlie Girlie", 
"Yellowman-Bunn The Kootchie",
"Yellowman-I'm Getting Divorced", 
"Nicodemus-Eagle Feathers", 
"Yellowman-Yellowman Getting Married",
"Brigadier Jerry-Strictly Rub A Dub", 
"Ninjaman-Murder Dem", 
"The Mighty Diamonds-Pass The Kutchie", 
"Cocoa Tea-I Lost My Sonia", 
"Super Cat-Don Dada", 
"Johnny Osbourne-Buddy Bye", 
"Josey Wales-Wrong Move", 
"Shabba Ranks-Love Punnany Bad", 
"Josey Wales-Let Go Mi Hand",
"Tony Tuff-Come Fi Mash It",
"Sugar Minott-Feel The Rydim", 
"Leroy Smart & Baby Wayne-Money Friend", 
"Tiger-No Wanga Gut", 
"Little John-Yes Mama", 
"Josey Wales-Love I Want", 
"Trevor Sparks-Bye Bye Love", 
"Charlie Chaplin-Bubbling Telephone [Chalice]",
"Shelly Thunder-Kuff", 
"Cutty Ranks-The Stopper", 
"Toyan-Spar With Me", 
"John Wayne-Call The Police", 
"Linval Thompson-Look How Me Sexy", 
"Josey Wales-Beg You Come Home", 
"Yellowman-Soldier Take Over", 
"Junior Reid-Bubblers", 
"Shabba Ranks-Get Up, Stand Up", 
"Admiral Bailey-No Where No Better Than Yard", 
"Dirtsman-Hot This Year"
"Justice Da Great-Chant One God",
"Justice Da Great-Trod Along Trod Along (feat. Sanchez)", 
"Lt. Stitchie-Natty Dread", 
"Justice Da Great-Dance to a Love Song", 
"Justice Da Great-Oh Jah for You I Sing", 
"Justice Da Great-Wicked Dem a Come", 
"Justice Da Great-Life Enjoy It While You Can", 
"Justice Da Great-Jah Will Be There", 
"Justice Da Great-Murder One Bright Day", 
"Justice Da Great-Why Dem so Bad Mind",

Meditations-Woman Is Like A Shadow", 
"Justice Da Great-Chant One God", 
"Ruddy Thomas & Trinity-Loving Pauper / Judgement Time", 
"Jacob Miller & Welton Irie-Keep On Running (Original 12' Disco Mix)", 
"Justice Da Great-Trod Along Trod Along (feat. Sanchez)", 
"Justice Da Great-Dance to a Love Song", 
"Justice Da Great-Oh Jah for You I Sing", 
"Justice Da Great-Wicked Dem a Come", 
"Justice Da Great-Life Enjoy It While You Can", 
"Justice Da Great-Jah Will Be There", 
"Justice Da Great-Murder One Bright Day",
"The Uniques-My Conversation",
"Justice Da Great-Why Dem so Bad Mind", 
"Barrington Levy-Soldier",
"Jimmy Cliff-The Harder They Come", 
"Marcia Aitken & Trinity-I'm Still In Love With You/ Three Piece Suit", 
"Peter Tosh & The Soul Mates-Rudie's Medley", 
"Max Romeo & The Heptones-War Inna Babylon", 
"Keith & Tex-Stop That Train",
"Justice Da Great-I Will Pray for You", 
"Ranking Dread-Lots Of Loving", 
"Bob Andy-Games People Play",
"Jacob Miller-Keep On Knocking",
"Scotty-Children Children",
"Delroy Wilson-Better Must Come",
[Merlin] Virtual Label LLC 
"U-Roy & John Holt-Wear You to the Ball",
"Pluto Shervington-Ram Goat Liver", 
"Lizzy-Love Is a Treasure", 
"Ranking Devon-All Nations Have To Bow", 
"Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis-The Right Track",
"Lone Ranger-Fist to Fist",
"Rudy Mills-A Long Story",
"Jimmy Cliff-Hard Road To Travel", 
"Lui Lepki-Rent Man Skank aka Can't Take Mi Landlord", 
"Dillinger-Plantation Heights", 
"Count Price Miller-Mule Train", 
"Eddie Lovette-Shining Star",
"Dave Collins & Ansel Collins-Double Barrel",
"Althea, Donna-Uptown Top Ranking", 
"Scotty-Draw Your Breaks",
"Eddie Lovette-Tell Like It Is",
"Johnny Clarke-Move Outa Babylon", 
"Trinity-John Saw Them Coming", 
"Little Roys-Bongo Nyah", 
"U-Roy-Wake The Town", 
"John Holt-Ali Baba", 
"Various Artists-Calico Suit", 
"U-Roy-Tom Drunk", 
"Gregory Isaacs-Border",
"Errol Dunkley-You Never Know",
"Madoo & Kojak-Yuh Jamming So aka Jamming So/ Green Bay Killing",
"Pluto Shervington-Here I Am Baby", 
"The Mighty Diamonds-I Need A Roof",
"Delroy Wilson-Trying To Conquer Me",
"Hopeton Lewis-Sound And Pressure",
"Freddie McGregor-Bobby Babylon", 
"Big Youth-Foreman vs. Frazier",
"Barrington Levy-Dances Are Changes", 
"Derrick Morgan-Fat Man",
"Gregory Isaacs-Love Is Overdue", 
"Vic Taylor-Let The Power Fall on I", 
"Jacob Miller And Inner Circle-Tenement Yard", 
"The Paragons-The Tide is High",
"Freddie McKay-Love Is a Treasure", 
"Al Brown-Here I Am Baby",
"Shorty the President-President A Mash Up the Resident",
"Eek-A-Mouse-Virgin Girl", 
"Carl Malcolm-Fattie Bum Bum", 
"Jimmy Riley-Love & Devotion", 
"Tappa Zukie-Oh Lord

"Cocoa Tea, Cutty Ranks-Waiting In Vain", 
"L.U.S.T-Just As I Am", 
"Half Pint-Just Be Good",
"Warrior King-Virtuous Woman", 
"I-wayne-Can't Satisfy Her", 
"Gregory Isaacs, Louie Culture-Tune In", 
"Jah Cure-Chant Feat. Spectacular",
"Junior Kelly-Love So Nice", 
"Chezidek-Leave The Trees",
"Jahmali-El Shaddai", 
"Garnet Silk (feat. Richie Stephens)-Fight Back", 
"Etana-I Am Not Afraid",
"Wayne Wonder-I Still Believe", 
"Beres Hammond-Rockaway", 
"Luciano-Lord Give Me Strength", 
"Queen Ifrica-Below The Waist",
"Various Artists-Is There a Place", 
"Wayne Wonder-Die Without You", 
"Sizzla-Just One Of Those Days", 
"Everton Blender-Ghetto People Song",
"Sugar Minott feat. Bounty Killer-Tune In Part 2",
"Mikey Spice-Hurt",
"Collie Buddz-Blind To You", 
"Damian Marley-Welcome To Jamrock (Explicit)", 
"Sly and Robbie-Pull up Selector", 
"Beres Hammond (feat. Buju Banton)-Pull It Up", 
"Glen Washington-Kindness For Weakness", 
"Jah Cure-Trod In The Valley",
"I-wayne-I Need Her In My Arms",
"Natty King-No Guns To Town", 
"Jah Mason-My Princess Gone",
"Buju Banton-Excerpt Of A Speech By Marcus Mosiah Garvey", 
"Richie Spice-Earth a Run Red",
"I Wayne-Living In Love", 
"Tanya Stephens-It's A Pity", 

John Holt, Best Of John Holt, Reggae Lovers Rock.

"John Holt-If I Was A Carpenter", 
"John Holt-Stick by Me", 
"John Holt-The Further You Look", 
"The Paragons-Happy Go Lucky Girl", 
"Justice Da Great-I Will Pray for You", 
"John Holt-Make Up", 
"Porogons, The-The Tide Is High", 
"John Holt-You Will Never Know", 
"John Holt, Gregory Isaacs-Body Language", 
"John Holt-Satisfaction", 
"John Holt-Sweetie Come Brush Me", 
"John Holt-Love I Can Feel", 
"Dennis Brown-Wildfire", 
"John Holt-Don't Fight Your Brother", 
"John Holt-Equality and Justice", 
"John Holt-Ali Baba", 
"John Holt-Stealing", 
"John Holt-Tribal War", 
"John Holt-Up Park Camp", 
"John Holt-Wear You To The Ball" 
"John Holt-Police In Helicopter", 
"Jericho-Strange Dub"
"Justice Da Great-Chant One God", 
"Justice Da Great-Trod Along Trod Along (feat. Sanchez)", 
"Justice Da Great-Dance to a Love Song", 
"Justice Da Great-Oh Jah for You I Sing", 
"Justice Da Great-Wicked Dem a Come", 
"Justice Da Great-Life Enjoy It While You Can",
"Justice Da Great-Jah Will Be There", 
"Justice Da Great-Murder One Bright Day", 
"Justice Da Great-Why Dem so Bad Mind",